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Susan Paulsen

Susan Paulsen is a North Carolina artist working in watercolors and oil.  Her subjects range from still life to landscape to animal portraiture, with horses being a favorite subject.

Although an avid drawer and painter since a young age, Susan’s formal education has taken a few twists and turns. Finding few options for training in the representational painting style she loves, her natural flair for mathematics lead her to major in statistics at Princeton. There she was profoundly influenced by John Tukey and his highly creative and non-conventional approach to using numbers to describe the world.

Next, Susan pursued her PhD at Duke University where she studied the evolution of butterfly wing color pattern, combining her enthusiasm for data analysis with the beauty of nature.

Susan was inspired to take up her paint brush more seriously by a watercolor class at the Carrboro ArtsCenter. Since then she has benefited from instruction by local artists such as Luna Lee Ray and Brian Kuebler.  Next, Susan studied alla prima painting with Sarah Sedwick, an Oregon artist. Her recent landscape work is influenced by her current mentor, the Australian painter Colley Whisson.